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Sulphur Derivatives

We offer a diverse range of high purity sulfur derivatives that are utilized across a number of application areas, including the electroplating industry.

For example, our sulfamates, methane sulfonates and methane sulfonic acids are key plating chemicals within the electroplating finishes industry. We are recognized as a leading supplier of tin methane sulfonate, a critical component of electroplating finishes for the growing electronic component, PCB and connecting wire market in the South East Asia region.

We have developed a position with our sulfate derivatives in a number of industries, including food, nutrition and dental care sectors.

These materials are manufactured at Honeywell’s plant in Seelze, Germany, which is certified against ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and 14001.
image We offer a number of grades of nickel sulfamate, alongside other metal sulfamates that are predominantly used in the electroplating industry.
Sulfates and Sulfides
image We offer a diverse range of sulfate salts that are utilized in a variety of applications.

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