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Honeywell has developed a long standing tradition and reputation for the development and manufacture of inorganic fine chemicals. Our Seelze, Germany facility is backward integrated into hydrofluoric acid and our associated expertise in the synthesis, analysis and manufacture of high purity and ultra high purity inorganic derivatives has enabled us to develop a comprehensive portfolio of products to meet the needs of many markets.  By listening to the needs of our customers and focusing on meeting those needs, we continue to develop our portfolio of high purity and custom manufactured inorganic derivatives.
Honeywell`s inorganic derivatives meet the needs of many diverse markets, including: metal surface treatment, electroplating, personal care, nutrition, sealants, adhesives, catalysts and energy.  Our products are manufactured at Honeywell`s plant in Seelze, Germany, which is certified against ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and 14001.  If you have a specific need that is not met by the chemicals in our existing range then please contact us, and we will be please to discuss your requirements further.

image Honeywell offers a comprehensive and highly diverse range of high purity acetates for metal surface treatment, personal care, PET synthesis and catalyst production.
image Honeywell offers a range of chromates used primarily in metal surface treatment.
image Honeywell offers a range of specialty and high purity citrates that are used in a number of markets.
Cyanides / Cyano-Complexes
image Honeywell’s cyano derivatives include potassium hexacyanocobaltate (III), utilized in the manufacture of polyether polyol catalysts.
EDTA Salts
image Our range of EDTA salts includes EDTA disodium salt dihydrate and EDTA calcium disodium salt.
image Honeywell offers a wide range of specialty and high purity nitrates that are used in many markets including personal care and automotive emission catalysts.

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