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Honeywell Specialty Chemicals Seelze has developed a long standing tradition and reputation for the development and manufacture of inorganic halide derivatives. We are backward integrated into ultra high purity hydrofluoric acid manufacture at our site in Seelze and our associated expertise in the synthesis, analysis and manufacture of high purity and ultra high purity inorganic fluorides and other halides has enabled us to develop a comprehensive portfolio of products to meet the needs of numerous downstream industries.

For example, in the metal surface pre-treatment sector we were at the forefront of the development and industrial scale manufacture of hexafluorotitanic acid and hexafluorozirconic acid as the key active components of pre-treatment chemicals that were developed as replacements for traditional Cr(VI) pre-treatment chemicals. Our ability to deliver these products with very low levels of impurities and high consistency of purity and composition has been instrumental to our customers in meeting the performance needs of the end market.  

In the electronic and energy sectors we have developed very high purity lithium fluoride which is used in the manufacture of state of the art lithium ion battery technology, as well as highly specialized potassium fluoride crystal, which is a critical component in the production process to manufacture capacitor grade tantalum powder that is used in the manufacture of capacitors for portable electronic devices and mobile phones.

In the personal care sector we offer high purity strontium chloride that is used as an active ingredient in de-sensitising toothpastes.

These materials are manufactured at Honeywell’s plant in Seelze, Germany, which is certified against ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and 14001.
Fluorine Derivatives
image We offer a comprehensive and highly diverse range of high purity and ultra high purity inorganic fluorine derivatives, including fluorides, fluoroborates, complex fluorine salts, hydrofluoric acid and fluoroboric acid.
Bromine Derivatives
image We offer a series of high purity metal bromide derivatives.
Chlorine Derivatives
image We provide a range of high purity chlorides that are currently used in a variety of industries, including personal care and food & nutrition.

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