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Honeywell Riedel-de Haen® as a brand stands for technological expertise, high-quality and high-purity manufacturing, and innovative analytical and application support. It also stands for almost 200 years of specialty chemicals expertise. At Honeywell Specialty Chemicals Seelze our core technological expertise is in the manufacture of specialized high-quality and high-purity inorganic chemicals that are tailored to meet the needs of downstream applications, including metal finishing and metalworking industries, personal care and healthcare, food and nutrition, sealants and adhesives, catalysts and catalytic precursors and electronic materials and energy systems. Through listening to the needs of our customers and meeting those needs, our products and capabilities to serve these markets continue to develop and evolve.

If you have a specific need that is not met by the chemicals in our existing range then please contact us, and we will be please to discuss your requirements further.

image We provide a comprehensive range of high purity inorganic fluorine derivates alongside chlorine, bromine and iodine derivatives to meet the needs of a diverse range of downstream applications.
Phosphorus Derivatives
image We offer a range of inorganic phosphorus derivatives, including high purity hypophosphites, high purity hypophosphorus acid and a range of phosphates.
Sulphur Derivatives
image High purity sulfates, sulfamates, and sulfonates are supplied to a number of applications including electroplating finishes.
image We have in our range an increasing number of high purity and custom manufactured metal oxides.
Other Inorganic Derivatives
image In addition to the product groups listed above, Honeywell offers a broad range of other inorganic derivatives. These products include acetates, borates, carbonates, chromates, citrates, hydroxides, nitrates, nitrites and oxalates.
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