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Manganese(IV) oxide (MnO2) technology is widely used as a curing agent for polysulphide sealants that are applied to insulating glass units, aircraft  and numerous construction projects e.g. buildings, roads, airports & chemical plants

Activated manganese(IV) oxide functions as an oxidizing agent to cure the polysulphide resins, by producing disulphide linkages:

2 ~R-SH + [O] → ~R-SS-R~ + H2O

It plays a crucial role in the formulation, application and end property development of the polysulphide sealant. Tailoring the chemical and physical parameters of manganese(IV) oxide enables the key formulation, application and performance properties of the sealant to be modified to fit the specific requirements of the end use application.

Honeywell utilizes specialized production and process conditions to manufacture a comprehensive range of activated manganese(IV) oxide grades to meet the needs of polysulphide sealant formulators across various market segments. Our product grades offer the following fundamental benefits to formulators of polysulphide sealants:

  • Fine & consistent particle size distribution leading to high a processing efficiency of curing paste manufacture
  • A high assay of MnO2
  • Excellent storage stability of curing paste

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Product code CAS No. Product Role of Product
13207 1313-13-9 Manganese(IV) oxide FA Curing agent for polysulphide sealants
13210 1313-13-9 Manganese(IV) oxide FA 84 Curing agent for polysulphide sealants
13342 1313-13-9 Manganese(IV) oxide FA-X Curing agent for polysulphide sealants
13201 1313-13-9 Manganese(IV) oxide G Curing agent for polysulphide sealants
13334 1313-13-9 Manganese(IV) oxide K Curing agent for polysulphide sealants

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