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Honeywell Inorganic Fine Chemicals provides a range of catalysts and curing agents to serve the requirements of the Sealants & Adhesives industry. By leveraging our expertise in the synthesis and industrial scale up of high purity and tailor made inorganic chemicals we have developed a strong reputation for serving the requirements of this market sector. Honeywell pioneered the commercialisation of tailor made activated manganese(IV) oxide as a curing agent for polysulphide sealants and this technology has been instrumental in facilitating the recent growth of these sealants in the insulating glass sector. We continue to be a leading supplier of curing agents to the polysulphide sealants sector and are committed to support the growth of our customers in this industry through our technology expertise and specialized dedicated manufacturing facilities in Seelze, Germany.
Polysulphide Sealants
image We offer a comprehensive range of activated manganese(IV) oxide grades to meet the diverse needs of polysulphide sealant formulators serving insulating glass, construction and aircraft end markets.
image We offer a range of high purity aluminium and chromium catalysts to meet the formulation and performance needs of the polyvinylacetate adhesives sector

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