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Honeywell provides a diverse product offering for many markets, including key raw materials and additives for specialty glass, lighting, abrasives and other applications.  If your market or application is not specifically addressed, please review our product offering or contact us to discuss your individual needs. Our expertise extends well beyond the applications contained on this website and we have the ability to leverage the vast knowledge base of Honeywell PMT (Performance Materials and Technologies).
Specialty Glass Manufacture & Finishing
image Honeywell offers precursors utilized in specialty glass manufacture. Our ultra-high purity fluorides provide advantages to fluorophosphates glass manufacturers due to the consistency of Honeywell`s quality.
Industrial Additives
image Honeywell offers a wide range of industrial additives utilized in many industrial applications. Among the myriad of applications are heat and light stabilization for polymer production, additives for alkyd synthesis and textile flame retardants.
Lightning & CRTs
image Honeywell has a wide range of products that are utilized in the production of lighting and cathode ray tubes. Among other uses, these products are commonly used as raw materials for phosphor production, phosphor surface treatment and in the production of CRT emitter paste.

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