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Metal Surface Treatment & Finishing

We offer a comprehensive range of high purity and ultra-high purity inorganic chemicals to meet the diverse needs of metal surface pre-treatment and electroplating finish formulators.

In the metal surface pre-treatment sector we offer a series of inorganic fluorides and other inorganic derivatives that meet the needs of formulators of pre-treatment and passivation chemicals serving the automotive OEM, metal packaging, industrial goods and general metal finishing sectors. Through working in close co-operation with our customers and anticipating future market needs we were at the forefront of the development and industrial scale manufacture of hexafluorotitanic acid and hexafluorozirconic acid as the key active components of pre-treatment chemicals that were developed as replacements for traditional Cr(VI) pre-treatment chemicals. As environmental legislation has driven the replacement of Cr(VI) pre-treatments, the hexafluorotitanic and hexafluorozirconic acid based pre-treatments have been adopted as the industry standard, and our ability to deliver these products with very low levels of impurities and high consistency of purity and composition has been instrumental to our customers in meeting the performance needs of the end market.

In the electroplating finishes sector we offer a diverse range of high purity metal derivatives and ancillary inorganic chemicals to electroplating solution formulators. We have developed a long standing reputation as a key and trusted supplier to this sector by leveraging our expertise in inorganic fluorine chemistry to produce a comprehensive range of high purity metal fluoroborate and metal fluoride derivatives. Through a continued understanding of environmental and performance trends in the marketplace we have kept our range fresh through the development of a series of methane sulfonate, sulfamate, and sulfate derivatives, and are recognized as a leading supplier of tin methane sulfonate, a critical component of electroplating finishes for the growing electronic component, PCB and connecting wire market in the South East Asia region.
Metal Surface Treatment
image We offer a series of high purity inorganic fluorides and other inorganic derivatives to meet the needs of metal surface pre-treatment formulations. Our range covers specialist chemicals for non Cr(VI) pre-treatments as well as a diverse range of other inorganic salts which serve as metal sources, sources of fluoride, adhesion promoters and accelerators to name a but a few.
Electroplating finishes
image We supply a broad range of products including metal fluoroborates, fluorides, methane sulfonates, sulfates and sulfamates to meet the needs of the electroplating formulator. Our ability to provide materials with high purity, low heavy metal content, and excellent bath stability to a very high consistency and quality level ensures that we are ideally suited to meet the requirements of electroplating formulations for the growing electronics and energy materials sectors.

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