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Honeywell already has an excellent tradition in this sector, as our Electronic Materials business is a leading materials supplier to the semiconductor industry and adjacent marketplaces. Growth in this sector is a core focus of Honeywell PMT (Performance Materials and Technologies), and in this sector we develop and manufacture a series of very high purity tailor made chemicals to serve the needs of the electronic materials and energy sector including downstream markets such as superconducting materials and capacitors. Utilising our core technological expertise, our ability to develop customised high purity and ultra-high purity inorganic chemistries, alongside high-quality and high-purity manufacturing, we are able to offer specialized solutions or inorganic fingerprints to meet the exacting needs of the higher end electronics and energy sectors. Our materials are manufactured at our facility in Seelze, Germany, which is certified against ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and 14001.
Energy & Batteries
image In our portfolio we have very high purity lithium fluoride which is used in the manufacture of state of the art lithium ion battery technology, as well as custom deigned metal oxides used in the production of superconductor materials.
Electronic Materials
image We are a leading supplier of highly specialized potassium fluoride crystaline, which is a critical component in the production process to manufacture capacitor grade tantalum powder that is used in the electronics sector in the manufacture of capacitors for portable electronic devices and mobile phones.

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