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Product code CAS No. Product Role of Product
25011 62-54-4 Calcium acetate hydrate extra pure, meets analytical specification of FCC, E 263 Transesterification catalyst
25020 16674-78-5 Magnesium acetate-4-hydrate pure Transesterification catalyst
25021 16674-78-5 Magnesium acetate-4-hydrate technical Transesterification catalyst
13286 6156-78-1 Manganese(II) acetate-4-hydrate extra pure Transesterification catalyst
14007 14402-67-6 Potassium titanium oxide oxalate-2-hydrate technical Polycondensation catalyst
25044 5970-45-6 Zinc acetate-2-hydrate extra pure, meets analytical specification of USP Transesterification catalyst
25056 5970-45-6 Zinc acetate-2-hydrate technical Transesterification catalyst

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