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Catalysts for Organic Processes & Polymer Synthesis

Honeywell offers a range of high purity polycondensation and transesterification catalysts for PET synthesis. The offering for polyamide-6,6 includes hypophosphorous and hypophosphite based catalysts and a group of additives for heat and light stabilization. Honeywell’s ability to provide catalysts with high purity levels and low heavy metal content ensures low levels of discoloration in polymer synthesis.

Honeywell is dedicated to developing and providing catalyst solutions based on our customers’ needs. In conjunction with UOP, Honeywell’s international process development and technology licensing business, we have the unique ability to recommend and develop the catalytic solutions of the future.
PET synthesis
image Honeywell’s ability to customize the purity levels of our antimony and non-antimony based PET catalysts allows us to meet the unique needs of our customers. As regulatory pressure continues to build, Honeywell is working to develop additional cost effective, non-antimony based PET catalysts.
Polyamide synthesis
image Honeywell produces a broad range of products for polyamide-6,6 synthesis, including hypophosphites, iodides and bromides. Our ability to offer a complete package of consistent, high purity catalysts and stabilizers helps our customers ensure low levels of discoloration in their polymer.
Polyolefin synthesis
image Honeywell offers chromium-based polymerization catalysts for polyolefin synthesis. Our products have very consistent quality, allowing our customers to realize consistent yields and polymer quality.

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