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Product code CAS No. Product Role of Product
31154 7784-27-2 Aluminiumnitrat-9-hydrat für Analyse, Reag. ACS Catalyst Precursor
11023 7784-27-2 Aluminium nitrate-9-hydrate extra pure Catalyst Precursor
11024 7784-27-2 Aluminium nitrate-9-hydrate technical Catalyst Precursor
11204 10361-29-2 Ammonium carbonate extra pure, meets analytical specification of NF, Ph. Franc., FCC Catalyst Precursor
32305 543-80-6 Barium acetate analytical reagent, Reag. ACS Catalyst Precursor
25008 543-80-6 Barium acetate extra pure Catalyst Precursor
25010 543-80-6 Barium acetate technical Catalyst Precursor
31127 12230-71-6 Barium hydroxide-8-hydrate analytical reagent, Reag. ISO, Reag. Ph. Eur. Catalyst Precursor
11415 12230-71-6 Barium hydroxide-8-hydrate extra pure Catalyst Precursor
11418 12230-71-6 Barium hydroxide-8-hydrate technical Catalyst Precursor
31128 10022-31-8 Barium nitrate Analytical Reagent, Reag. ACS Catalyst Precursor
11420 10022-31-8 Barium nitrate extra pure Catalyst Precursor
31288 19004-19-4 Copper(II) nitrate-2,5-hydrate Analytical Reagent, Reag. ACS Catalyst Precursor
12837 19004-19-4 Copper(II) nitrate-2,5-hydrate pure Catalyst Precursor
32316 16674-78-5 Magnesium acetate-4-hydrate Analytical Reagent, Reag. ACS Catalyst Precursor
25020 16674-78-5 Magnesium acetate-4-hydrate pure Catalyst Precursor
25021 16674-78-5 Magnesium acetate-4-hydrate technical Catalyst Precursor
13131 10377-60-3 Magnesium nitrate-6-hydrate pure Catalyst Precursor
25072 543-94-2 Strontium acetate 0,5-hydrate Catalyst Precursor
13934 1311-10-0 Strontium hydroxide-8-hydrate 98% Catalyst Precursor
13913 1311-10-0 Strontium hydroxide-8-hydrate pure Catalyst Precursor
31633 10042-76-9 Strontium nitrate Analytical Reagent, Reag. ACS Catalyst Precursor
13914 10042-76-9 Strontium nitrate extra pure Catalyst Precursor

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