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Catalyst Precursors

Honeywell supplies consistent, high purity catalyst precursors with low levels of metal impurities into the automotive emission catalyst market and for use in production of Sandmeyer reaction and Friedel-Crafts catalysts. Included in our range are acetates, bromides, carbonates, hydroxides, iodides and nitrates. Honeywell works closely with our customers to develop catalyst precursors to enable our customers to develop higher performing and more environmentally friendly catalysts.
Automotive Emission Catalysts
image Honeywell’s broad range of products offered as precursors for automotive emission catalysts have extremely low levels of impurities, which helps minimize potential poisoning of the final catalyst. As automotive emission standards continue to tighten, Honeywell has the capabilities to help catalyst producers develop catalyst systems to meet the higher performance standards.
Polyetherpolyol catalysts
image Honeywell’s potassium hexacyanocolbaltate(III) is a precursor for the production of a double metal cyanide catalyst utilized in the production of polyether polyols. Converting existing facilities to utilize double metal cyanide catalysts allows capacity increases with a comparatively minimal investment.
General organic synthesis
image Honeywell’s bromide, chloride and iodide product offerings are utilized to produce catalysts for Sandmeyer and Friedel-Crafts reactions.

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