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Catalysts & Catalytic Precursors

Honeywell manufactures a wide range of catalysts and catalyst precursors to serve the requirements of numerous industries utilizing inorganic catalyzed processes. Our expertise is in the synthesis and manufacture of industrial scale high purity and ultra high purity inorganic chemicals. Honeywell’s areas of catalysis focus include PET synthesis, polyamide-6,6 synthesis and polyolefin synthesis. Among Honeywell’s various catalytic precursors are precursors for automotive emission catalysts, polyether polyol catalysts and general organic synthesis precursors. As environmental regulations drive industry toward higher performing and more environmentally friendly catalysts, Honeywell is working closely with its customers to develop the leading catalytic products of the future.
Catalysts for Organic Processes & Polymer Synthesis
image Honeywell offers a range of high purity polycondensation and transesterification catalysts for PET synthesis. The offering for polyamide-6,6 includes hypophosphorous and hypophosphite based catalysts and a group of additives for heat and light stabilization. Honeywell’s ability to provide catalysts with high purity levels and low heavy metal content ensures low levels of discoloration in polymer synthesis.
Catalyst Precursors
image Honeywell supplies consistent, high purity catalyst precursors with low levels of metal impurities into the automotive emission catalyst market. We additionally provide numerous precursors to the field of organic and polymer sysnthesis. Included in our range are acetates, bromides, carbonates, hydroxides, iodides and nitrates.

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