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Honeywell PMT (Performance Materials and Technologies) is a global leader in providing customers with high-performance PMT, including fluorine products; specialty films and additives; advanced fibers and composites; intermediates; specialty chemicals; electronic materials and chemicals; and technologies and materials for petroleum refining.

The business has Research and Development Centers in Buffalo (New York, USA), Des Plaines (Illinois, USA), Morristown (New Jersey, USA), Richmond (Virginia, USA), Seelze (Germany), Shanghai (China) and Sunnyvale (California, USA).

The business has more than 50 production facilities around the world. One of them is Honeywell Specialty Chemicals Seelze GmbH where Honeywell´s Riedel-de Haen® inorganic fine chemicals are manufactured.

PMT is part of Honeywell International, a diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; automotive products; turbochargers; and PMT. Based in Morris Township, N.J., Honeywell`s shares are traded on the New York, London and Chicago Stock Exchanges.

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